The Sierre enterprise Secu4 is an innovative company operating on the mobile security market. It offers a totally new defence against the loss and theft of valuable items such as laptops, briefcases, suitcases, handbags, etc.


Activities and products

Secu4 offers a solution which uses all current technological advances to deal with the ever-increasing number of incidents (loss, theft, etc.) involving smartphones, laptops and other mobile equipment.

Secu4’s flagship project, known as “Secu4Bags”, which operates in conjunction with your mobile telephone via a Bluetooth connection, consists of a device inserted in the object to be protected and an application to be downloaded onto the mobile telephone. If the object protected is taken more than 5 or 10 metres from its owner, the telephone rings and/or vibrates, displaying an alert on its screen, and after a few seconds an alarm of around 100 decibels is triggered on the device to protect the object and drive the thief away.

The clever use of the connectivity offered by Bluetooth and other wireless network protocols with any standard telephone or smartphone, and with all popular platforms such as Android, BlackBerry, Symbian, Windows Mobile, etc. is a definite plus for Secu4. In April 2011, this product by the Sierre business became the world’s first accessory officially licensed by Apple for the dedicated security of iPhones and iPads.

In 2012, the start-up intends to expand its product line to include GPS connectivity (useful, for example, with keys) and is looking to finalise the development of a solution for the protection of children or adults. The company predicts sales of 500,000 Secu4Bags between now and 2016 on the European and North American markets, and 150,000 units in Asia.


Support of The Ark Foundation

This project is a perfect example of the idea that combined forces can move mountains. Resulting from the Business Experience programme (a training course in entrepreneurship at the University of Applied Sciences Western Switzerland HES-SO/Valais and based on technology developed by the Infotronics unit of the HES-SO/Valais, this project benefited from the support of The Ark’s grant scheme and its Accelerator service, before taking full shape in the creation of Secu4.

The company began its activities under The Ark’s Incubator scheme at the TechnoArk in Sierre. It left the support structure in 2010, while continuing to pursue its activities at the TechnoArk site in Sierre.


Date founded: 2007
Director: Ralph Rimet
Address: Technopôle 5, 3960 Sierre
Telephone: +41 79 691 98 88
Website: www.secu4.com
Email:  info [at] secu4.com
Number of employees: 6
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