Lugaia AG is based at Rarogne and was founded in 2006 by Viktor Schnyder, who perfected an application for the sterile transfer of pharmaceutical products. Lugaia currently employs 10 people and 90% of its turnover comes from exports to Europe and further afield. It opened a branch office in India in 2009.


Activities and products

The company has two main activities:

The first is producing high-tech packaging solutions for pharmaceutical products in powder form, enabling these products to be packaged in plastic bags without any risk of the powder or the environment becoming contaminated. The bags are produced during the packaging process, as necessary and to the required size. Lugaia’s innovations also mean that existing packaging can be connected to a packaging machine, again without any risk of contamination. The company already has international patents for several of its solutions. 

The second activity concerns the sterile transfer of biotech products. Lugaia has created a joint venture with a German firm to market this range of solutions


Support from The Ark Foundation


Lugaia began its activity in 2006 within The Ark Foundation’s Incubator for businesses. From the launch of the project, it has benefited from the Incubator’s services (business coaching, networking, support in seeking funding, etc.) whilst operating from its own premises in Visp.

Lugaia has benefited from the full range of services offered by The Ark’s Incubator, from formalisation of the company concept to commercial support. The company left the Incubator in May 2009 and is now a fully-fledged business, but still receives occasional support in matters of strategy.

Date founded: 2006
Director: Viktor Schnyder
Address: Industriezone Basper 31, 3942 Rarogne
Telephone: +41 (0) 27 946 08 80
Website: www.lugaia.com
Email: anfrage@lugaia.com
Number of employees: 10


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