A spin-off from the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), ExcellGene uses mammalian cells to produce clinical proteins (i.e. proteins that can be injected into human beings) and pre-clinical proteins (used in research). The cells are genetically modified and cultivated in bioreactors.


The technology

When a new drug or vaccine is being developed, the culture of mammalian cells is essential in order to produce the proteins on which the new products are based. This process, which involves producing proteins in bioreactors with a capacity as high as 10,000 litres, is lengthy and expensive.

ExcellGene has perfected several technologies which use bioreactors the size of a laboratory tube, making them cheaper and more flexible. This is a major advance in biotechnology that has made ExcellGene one of the world leaders in this particular field. The Monthey-based company is able to multiply the productivity of mammalian cell cultures by 20, or even more. In addition, its advanced technology has reduced the cost of developing production processes by a factor of 500, compared with standard methods. ExcellGene can handle small quantities (under 100 litres) as well as larger volumes.

Faster, more flexible, and cheaper: ExcellGene has the ability to attract the giants of the pharmacy and biotechnology industries, who are under constant pressure to reduce the time required to bring new drugs to market.


Client base

ExcellGene has clients throughout the world, in Europe, Asia and America. It currently employs around 30 people at its site in BioArk at Monthey, and by 2020 it expects this figure to have grown to 100.


The support of The Ark Foundation

ExcellGene is based at the BioArk technology site at Monthey, where it receives support in becoming established plus various other services. 

Date founded: 2001
Directors: Florian Wurm / Maria Wurm
AddressRoute de l’Ile-au-Bois 1a, 1870 Monthey
Telephone+41 (0) 24 471 96 60
Website: www.excellgene.com
Emailcontact [at] excellgene.com
Number of employees: 30
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