Founded in 2000, brain-tec SA offers targeted IT solutions based on communications and the Internet. Its commercial strategy is mainly oriented towards open-source software, backed up by some commercial solutions.

brain-tec offers a full range which comprises planning, implementation, training and support, in the fields of e-commerce, content management, CRM, e-government, e-marketing and e-support.

brain-tec also has substantial practical experience, as well as numerous reference projects varying in complexity. The company is in a position to carry out projects associated with the Internet, the implementation of intranets, and the development of a variety of e-business solutions.
The company has two offices, one in Brig and the other in Zurich.


Activities and products

An important aspect of the brain-tec strategy is to concentrate on open-source software. The company currently occupies a leading position in the field of ERP (enterprise resource planning, or centralised business administration) in the German-speaking market. Known as OpenERP, the Brain-Tec product offers the management of a company’s procurement, finance, merchandise stocks, production and various other elements. Available without a licence, this product can generate savings of up to 20% for a company.


Support of The Ark Foundation 

The Ark Foundation has provided financial support for brain-tec’s OpenERP, which has allowed the company to adapt and develop its product. The Ark’s support has enabled them to add several vital elements to the product, and they have also been provided with coaching services.  

Date founded: 2000
Director: Pascal Zenklusen
Address: Überlandstrasse 10, 3900 Brig
Telephone: +41 (0) 27 055 02 20 
Website: www.brain-tec.ch
Email: info [at] brain-tec.ch
Number of employees: 17
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