BioArk, a place historically dedicated to the development of life sciences

BioArk, in Monthey, is a technology site specifically dedicated to life sciences.

With its specialised facilities and network of expertise, it enables SMEs and start-ups working in the fields of biotechnology and diagnostics to realise their business opportunities. So it is the ideal place for developing your business or for transforming your project into an industrial and commercial reality.

BioArk supplies the necessary services and equipment to facilitate the industrialisation and commercialisation of specific products. In particular, since the end of 2015, the site is now home to two development platforms. The first of these is dedicated to rapid diagnostics tests and the second, to the manufacture of the new biological medicines. 

Promoting interaction and innovation
BioArk is located in Monthey, a town with a long tradition in the field of life sciences. Some large multinationals and SMEs working in fine chemistry and biotechnologies have been based there for many years. This is a testimony to the region’s industrial and entrepreneurial nature, as well as to the great quality of the local workforce and specialists. For the companies on the site, Monthey’s geographical location facilitates access to the European market, which is within easy reach.

BioArk is also looking to the future, with, in September 2015, the installation within its walls of the intercantonal school of chemistry laboratory assistants (EIL, Ecole intercantonale de laborantins en chimie).



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