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Symposium - Innovating in Vaccine Manufacturing

ExcellGene has invited a group of experts to present their work and discuss their ideas during the symposium entitled "Modern Vaccines, Manufacturing Bottlenecks, from DNA to product" to be held at the EPFL Swiss Tech Center in Lausanne on August 30, 2022.

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the urgent need to develop new, effective, and affordable solutions to make vaccines available to the entire global population. However, the low manufacturability of the products developed remains one of the major barriers between scientific discoveries and their use to achieve the necessary public health goals.

For several decades, Prof. Florian Wurm, geneticist, Professor Emeritus at EPFL and co-founder of ExcellGene, a company based at BioArk Monthey, has been addressing this issue. Faced with the urgency and in this particular health context, he has invited a number of his peers: Prof. Patrick Soon-Shiong (USA), Prof. Rino Rappuoli (Italy), Prof. Dr. Jamie Triccas (Australia) and Dr. Michael Watson (UK) as well as his ExcellGene colleagues, Dr. Maria Wurm and Dr. Paco Pino , to present their thoughts and propose solutions during a symposium. The aim of ExcellGene is to bring together people to discuss these bottlenecks and challenges: top scientists, opinion leaders, regulatory experts, investors and political representatives, covering industry and academia.

The symposium will take place on August 30 in Lausanne. It is a day of conferences, discussions and networking. It aims to bring together the various stakeholders, to stimulate their thinking, to challenge their knowledge, to encourage and facilitate innovation and to break down certain barriers, thus opening the way to new approaches in the development of vaccines on a global scale. This event also represents an extraordinary networking opportunity and a first of its kind initiative in the complex environment of vaccine production.

For more information, visit Home - symposium.excellgene.com

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