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Start-up REM Analytics is ready to market its tests that track bacteria

Tracking bacteria in soil, milk and even the human body is the objective of the innovative tests developed by the start-up REM Analytics. REM Analytics, based at the BioArk in Monthey and supported by The Ark Foundation Incubator, is counting on 2023 to accelerate its development and the marketing of its products.

"We don't think much of bacteria in our everyday lives. But they are much more important than we think," says Emily Jamieson, bioengineer at REM Analytics. These bacteria make up the bulk of the soil ecosystem, contributing nutrients for crop growth. "This is very important in relation to the growing world population."  

More and more people are looking to move away from synthetic fertilisers to more sustainable options. "But in order to take advantage of this, there is no single magic bullet. You can't just pick a fertiliser off the shelf. You first need to understand what microbial population you have in your soil and then be able to understand how you can adapt it to improve the health of your crops."


Advice on organic fertilisers

This is where REM Analytics comes in. The start-up is developing an accurate test of the soil microbiome. This can be carried out on the basis of standard sampling already carried out on many farms. "Based on this analysis, we give advice on which organic fertilisers or pesticides could be used. This is just one example of an application of this test.

"We are also working on the analysis of goat's milk. In addition, we are working with Yoni Solutions, another start-up supported by The Ark, on the analysis of vaginal microbiota". The applications are therefore many and varied.

For the moment, the tests are available in the laboratory. However, REM Analytics is working to scale up to an industrial scale, in collaboration with partner laboratories. The marketing of these innovative tests will keep the start-up busy in 2023. It also wants to work on the quality of the samples to be analysed, in order to calibrate and optimise the tests. Finally, infrastructure is always a challenge. REM Analytics is still a small team, but one that is developing rapidly. It is therefore a matter to be followed for the Monthey-based start-up.


Further information: www.remanalytics.ch


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