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SimplicityBio appoints Matthew Hall as CEO to drive growth


SimplicityBio SA, a bioinformatics company leader in biomarker discovery, appoints its Co-founder Matthew Hall Ph.D as Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Matthew brings extensive experience in the biotechnology industry combining scientific knowledge, business acumen and leadership to drive the organization and ensure its continuous growth.

“As Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) at SimplicityBio so far, Matthew demonstrated ability to build a clear vision of how biology and bioinformatics can deliver value to clients and partners. His natural leadership and relationships with clients and partners makes him the right CEO to lead the company moving forward”, said Vincent Bieri, Chairman of the Board.

Under its new CEO, SimplicityBio will keep focusing on discovering novel biomarkers for more robust and accurate diagnostics enabling its clients and partners to develop more efficient and cost effective drugs and treatments, in particular in the areas of oncology, cardiovascular diseases and osteoporosis.

"I am honored and fully motivated to lead SimplicityBio’s team. My ambition is to focus our team and strategy on patients and clinical outcomes by offering more accurate diagnostics that enable our clients and partners to decrease drug development costs and increase treatment efficacy. We will deliver more value for better diagnostics, patient stratification and companion diagnostics”, said Matthew Hall, CEO.

Miguel Barreto, former CEO and Co-founder of SimplicityBio will take product and innovation ownership as Chief Technology Officer (CTO). Miguel is the father of SimplicityBio’s technology and brings more than 10 years of experience in applied machine learning and bioinformatics.


Source : Simplicity Bio SA



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