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Innovation talents from Valais, on their way to Bio US!

From June 5 to 8, 2023, the biopharmaceutical industry's major gathering will be in full swing in Boston (USA): Bio International Convention. A group of promising startups, supported by the Ark Foundation, will be attending this international convention to try and boost their rise.

The BIO US International Convention attracts more than 15,000 biotech and pharmaceutical industry leaders each year. During the week-long event, business meetings are held between participants to establish new opportunities and promising partnerships. 

A very wide range of players in the life sciences and cross-functional applications (technology, health, engineering, etc.) come together. On the programming side, rich and varied content will focus on the industry's most pressing topics, including COVID-19, infectious diseases, oncology, business development, funding trends, cell and gene therapy, digital health, and many others.

Portraits of the Valais actors to embark for the US 

Alpha Onco Swiss
AlphaOnco is developing an innovative technique for the treatment of cancer using iron oxide nanoparticles synthesized by magnetotactic bacteria. The technology developed by AlphaOnco is based on the use of magnetosomes, which are nanoparticles synthesized by magnetotactic bacteria. The magnetic characteristics of these magnetosomes are superior to those of chemically synthesized nanoparticles. The magnetosomes are delivered to tumors and heated by the application of ultrasound. AlphaOnco hopes to launch clinical trials to treat patients with prostate tumors. The goal is to be able to treat patients outside the operating room, at a lower cost, without general anesthesia.

Production is complex, especially during cell expansion in bioreactors. Current methods to assess the viability, density and shape of mammalian cells are very manual and require recurrent sampling. The C-Netics allows non-destructive and label-free analysis in real time. It is coupled to a dedicated single-use kit that integrates an analysis cassette and high-end microelectronic sensors. Monitoring can then be performed automatically throughout the cell culture, allowing real-time detection of anomalies and rapid optimization of process development.

GaDia is the first company to develop rapid diagnostic tests for the detection and differentiation of hospital-acquired infections, antimicrobial resistance and cervical cancer. Our innovative and patented rapid tests provide valuable information to healthcare professionals in 15 minutes, allowing them to quickly start the right treatment and save lives.

ImmunSkills SA is a contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO) specializing in genetically engineered immune cells. Our innovative platform is designed to improve the survival and efficiency of immune cells in the tumor microenvironment (TME). Using our unique immune cell and bioprocessing technology, we aim to significantly reduce development time and costs for our customers to bring life-saving therapies to market faster and more efficiently.

Novochizol is a state-of-the-art technology that converts individual chitosan molecules into well-defined nanoparticles. Novochizol enhances the characteristics of chitosan and provides materials with new properties for applications in the pharmaceutical, medical technology and other industries. As a biocompatible biopolymer, Novochizol™ improves the interface of various materials with living tissue. In the field of in vitro diagnostics, Novochizol™ enables better purification of nucleic acids and improves the specificity and sensitivity of PCR tests. As an excipient, Novochizol™ can be used to formulate small molecules, nucleic acids, peptides, proteins, viruses and cells. Novochizol™ formulations are highly bioadherent, which allows for improved product quality.

Orio Therapeutics
Orio Therapeutics grew out of the research of its two co-founders in the field of regenerative medicine and protein engineering. The company is based on a patented technology they developed at Monash University, Australia, which allows them to integrate an "integrated" delivery system for any therapeutic protein. Given the Swiss roots of the co-founders and the Australian origin of the technology, Orio Therapeutics is taking this opportunity to expand its operations in Monthey and Melbourne.  Orio Therapeutics' first product priority is the development of a cardioprotective drug for heart attack patients (STEMI). The company is currently seeking seed funding.

REM Analytics
REM Analytics can provide you with validated microbiome tests, the results of which will strengthen your regulatory case. You can get tests tailored to your specific needs, or use some of our validated "off-the-shelf" tests for the gut and vaginal microbiome.

Swiss Biotech Center
Swiss Biotech Center offers biopharmaceutical development and manufacturing capabilities from mammalian expression systems to clinical batches under cGMP quality standards. Our state-of-the-art facilities utilize single-use technologies at every step of the process, allowing for exceptional flexibility and speed, with a maximum batch size of 200L fed-batch. Swiss Biotech Center is strongly oriented towards early stage projects and start-ups that are leading the way in biopharmaceutical development.
Our tailored approach includes all of the Swiss Biotech Center's development and manufacturing capabilities, as well as dedicated support services.

WAMA Diagnostics
WAMA Diagnostics (Switzerland) SA's mission is to optimize diagnostics by introducing multiplex immunoassays, thus enabling optimal care for patients in need. Our goal is to become a center for the development of innovative IVD tests for any company in this field. WAMA CH is in the final stages of development of an immunoassay that will allow blood banks, biopharmaceutical companies specializing in plasma-derived therapeutic proteins, and clinical laboratories to efficiently and accurately screen for all obligate and additional pathogens of transfusion-transmitted infections in a single reaction. It is a planar multiplex with chemiluminescence reading.

The technology sites of BioArk Monthey and Visp will also be represented, as well as our partners from the Economic Promotion Valais, Association BioAlps, Swiss Biotech Association, Greater Geneva Bern Area & Swiss Global Entreprise.

See you at the SWISS PAVILLON!

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