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IHMA celebrates its 30th anniversary!

2022 marks the 30th anniversary of International Health Management Associates (IHMA). Founded in 1992, its primary mission was to help pharmaceutical companies meet the challenges of the dynamic drug development landscape. Today, IHMA is a leading global provider of antimicrobial drug development support, including emerging technologies and services. IHMA brings together various laboratories around the world, including IHMA Europe, which is based in the heart of the Valais life sciences ecosystem, on the BioArk Monthey technology site.

An international expansion

IHMA is a provider of antimicrobial drug development studies. Over the years, the company has expanded its locations to include laboratories in Switzerland (2011) and China (2021) as well as an office in India (2018). With labs in the U.S. and Europe, it is active in the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and diagnostic sectors. IHMA specializes in surveillance studies and clinical trials, key steps in the continuum between drug development and commercialization. 

Beyond bacterial identification and susceptibility testing

IHMA continues to expand its capabilities and expertise by deploying : 

  • Mycology Services - IHMA now offers a mycology service for clinical studies and surveillance in its laboratory based at the BioArk in Monthey, which serves as the central laboratory for clinical trials involving a mycological component.
  • Antifungal Surveillance Program - Since 2019, IHMA has been conducting the antifungal surveillance program, Analysis of Resistance in Antifungals (ARIA), to provide support for the development of new antifungal agents. ARIA is a branded, IHMA-sponsored surveillance program that will collect clinically relevant fungi annually from global sites, including China and India.
  • Bacteriophage - IHMA provides laboratory services to support clients and studies involving bacteriophage therapy. In addition to being able to perform routine clinical microbiology testing for pathogens of interest, IHMA can adopt methods and perform testing for the quantification of phages in a sample as well as provide phage susceptibility results for clinical isolates.
  • In Vitro Diagnostic Device Studies - IHMA is expanding its core laboratory clinical trial support capabilities to studies designed for bacterial identification and/or antibiotic susceptibility testing for 510K medical diagnostic device submissions.

For more information on the latest developments or to learn more about IHMA's capabilities: www.ihma.com

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