Avogen Tech

Avogen Tech is a start-up company whose mission is to develop a new generation of Electronic Cigarette.


Ceidos has developed a machine that automates the production of cell therapies, which are used in particular as a treatment for cancer.


A mixed and solidarity-based umbilical cord stem cell biobank serving the community (allogeneic conservation) as well as families (autologous conservation). CordSavings has a unique positioning: it...


ExcellGene is involved in the production of recombinant proteins using mammalian cells, and in optimising the production processes concerned.


Inflamalps is a company based at BioArk since 2012 that develops new substances capable of fighting certain inflammatory diseases of the eye and in particular dry eye disease and uveitis.


The main purpose of NovoCHizol as a company is to hold the intellectual property of NovochizolTM and to research, develop, commercialise, industrialise and industrially apply materials containing NovochizolTM...

REM Analytics

REM Analytics offers a complete development service. From proof of concept to production-ready prototype. They develop new microbiome-based therapies for various health conditions, including new customized...


ViRelieve is a development-stage biotechnology company focused on the development of novel antiviral therapies to treat infections using protein interference technology. 

YONI Solutions

YONI Solutions is an healthcare company which aims at improving the results in vaginal microbiome analysis that are linked to the fertility of women, in order to increase the success rates of In Vitro...

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