Artelia Industrie Suisse

Created from the merger of Coteba and Sogreah in 2010, Artelia is an international multidisciplinary consulting, engineering and project management group active in the building, infrastructure, water,...

ASSCO Engineering Monthey SA

ASSCO Engineering Monthey is a firm of mechanical engineers with EPF/SIA degrees specializing in the planning of industrial installations. They have competences in the fields of project management, project...

Avogen Tech

Avogen Tech is a start-up company whose mission is to develop a new generation of Electronic Cigarette.

BioArk SA

BioArk is a technology site specialising in life sciences. It supports start-ups and existing companies working in the fields of biotechnology and regenerative medicine. 


Brain Core is developing a new type of intelligence - Vortial Intelligence (VI) - aimed at increasing the skills of humans and machines, in a benevolent perspective.  The start-up is developing...


Based in BioArk Monthey (Switzerland) and active in the Edtech sector, BrainElem develops and markets personalized digital solutions that facilitate learning at any age. The company creates customized...


Ceidos has developed a machine that automates the production of cell therapies, which are used in particular as a treatment for cancer.


Celluris is a start-up company with main objective to develop immunotherapy-based treatments for cancer. More specifically, Celluris is developing Chimeric Antigen receptor T cell (CAR-T) based therapy...


Active monitoring combined with familiarity with specific tools, established industrial experience plus a particular openness to innovation mean that CimArk SA can respond to the questions asked by any...


A mixed and solidarity-based umbilical cord stem cell biobank serving the community (allogeneic conservation) as well as families (autologous conservation). CordSavings has a unique positioning: it...

Cortex IT

Cortex IT manages your IT systems for you, using virtualisation and cloud computing solutions in its DataCenter Suite.


ExcellGene is involved in the production of recombinant proteins using mammalian cells, and in optimising the production processes concerned.


GaDia develops innovative rapid diagnostic tests for hospitals mainly in the field of infectiology.

Giam Pharma

Giam Pharma is a manufacturer of nutraceuticals – natural/herbal products and dietary supplements, medical devices,  and also of eco-cosmetics.Their natural products are produced from standardised...

HES-SO Valais-Wallis

A major focus of the cell culture laboratory is the development of new and innovative cell therapies, including  CAR-T cell-based cancer therapies Stem cell therapies The laboratory's...

IHMA Europe Sàrl

IHMA Europe Sàrl provides customized products and services (such as In vitro studies of new and existing antimicrobials and In vitro reference and collection laboratory for Phase II, III, and...

ImmunSkills SA

ImmunSkills SA is a company active in the field of cell therapy. Its objective is to improve the effectiveness of treatments for solid cancers by developing a new product based on allogenic cells. These...


Inflamalps is a company based at BioArk since 2012 that develops new substances capable of fighting certain inflammatory diseases of the eye and in particular dry eye disease and uveitis.

JLR Project

The company JLR Project is specialized in clean room controls and equipment qualification.


Medabe is active in consulting, research and training in the fields of health, safety and work organization, as well as in related fields (support to companies, employees and institutions in the field...


Massively Multiplayer Online Science was created to connect scientific research and video games. Research tasks fully integrated with game mechanics, narrative and visuals can open a new channel between...

REM Analytics

REM Analytics offers a complete development service. From proof of concept to production-ready prototype. They develop new microbiome-based therapies for various health conditions, including new customized...


Monthey is home to the production of high performance organic pigments. The pigments are used for colouring paints, plastics, inks, synthetic fibres, as well as in electronic applications such as colour...

Swiss Biotech Center

The Swiss Biotech Center is a company that acts as a competence center open to innovative companies and academic researchers and developers.


SwissLumix is a reagent and service supplier for in vitro and in vivo optical imaging applications. The company's reagents enable highly sensitive imaging and quantification of a wide range of biological...

WAMA Diagnostics (Switzerland) SA

WAMA DIAGNOSTICS (Switzerland) SA is a company focused on research and development of kits and reagents for laboratory diagnostic, especially immunodiagnostic.

YONI Solutions

YONI Solutions is an healthcare company which aims at improving the results in vaginal microbiome analysis that are linked to the fertility of women, in order to increase the success rates of In Vitro...

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