Studer Innotec

Founded in 1987, Studer Innotec SA is now one of the world leaders in the inverter market. The company employs 60 people at its headquarters in Sion, including 10 engineers and 3 sales staff.


Activities and products

Studer Innotec’s field of activity is the conversion of energy. The company manufactures more than 20,000 inverters per annum, with an annual growth rate for the last few years of 10 to 17%. Its inverters are used mainly for isolated sites (in combination with solar installations – chalets, remote houses, etc.), embedded systems (fire engines, other emergency vehicles, boats, camper vans, etc.), emergency power supply systems (municipalities, football stadiums, hospitals, etc.) and in industry (back-up systems, uninterruptible mains power supply systems, etc.).

With the launch in 1994 of the Twinpower, followed by the SI in 1995 – two sinusoidal voltage inverters with a performance that is currently unrivalled – Studer Innotec SA has a product range that is extremely attractive to markets abroad. Around 95% of the company’s turnover is therefore from exports, and the company has a network of more than a hundred distributors worldwide (around 40 countries).

The company’s wide range of products make it the only inverter manufacturer to cover the photovoltaic solar power, boating, mobile applications, emergency power supply and telecommunications markets. Studer Innotec produces more than 60 basic models with more than 100 variants, and devotes more than 50% of its production time to the manufacture of tailor-made equipment. Studer Innotec also devotes 20% of its resources to R&D.


Support of The Ark Foundation  

During 2011, The Ark Foundation supported Studer Innotec in the form of two technological development projects – one in connection with minigrids (autonomous energy supply for isolated sites) and the other in connection with smartgrids (communication between the public network and private producers). The aim of these projects was to enable Studer Innotec to benefit from market opportunities, to develop competitive advantages, and to grow.

Presentation of Minigrid's Studer Innotec (video)

Date founded: 1987
Director: Roland Studer
Address: Rue des Casernes 57, 1950 Sion
Telephone: +41 (0)27 205 60 80
Website: www.studer-innotec.com
Email: info [at] studer-innotec.com
Number of employees: 60
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