LOGICIAL SA is a services company that was founded in 1972 and has published the Winbiz business software since 1993. With headquarters at Martigny, the company is represented throughout Switzerland and has a base of around 35,000 users of the Winbiz software.




Winbiz management software enables accounting, payroll, goods or services, sales, purchasing and contact details to be centralised, and therefore reduces the time spent on administration. Via its various business solutions, the Winbiz management tools are easily compatible with the activities of any company. Tens of thousands of users, including several hundred accounting and auditing firms, rely on Winbiz business software. The company also works with numerous partners as well as resellers.
The software packages developed by LOGICIAL SA are designed in constant cooperation with the Swiss cantonal and federal authorities, major accounting and auditing firms, social security bodies and Swiss financial institutions. The company also has strategic partnerships that enable it to operate in synergy with the widest range of technologies. In addition, it has agreements with specialists in e-commerce and hosting solutions, as well as with education and training organisations.

LOGICIAL’s activity is based on an efficient after-sales service and a very responsive research and development department. The company has experienced continuous growth, because it is constantly increasing the number of products it sells and enhancing their quality, while also introducing new technologies. In 2011, this Martigny-based company was ready to enter the market in the German-speaking part of Switzerland and its presence in this market.



Support from The Ark Foundation

Through The Ark’s Innovation project, workshops have been organised with LOGICIAL SA to share good practice. The workshop has been used by the management and the marketing team of LOGICIAL SA as the basis for further work on the ground that takes into account the company’s specific features. The support offered in this way has enabled the company to define and formalise a commercial strategy aimed at expansion in the German-speaking part of Switzerland. Preparations have begun for further workshops, dealing with its approach and the expansion of its marketing.

Date founded: 1972
Director: Pascal Eichenberger
Address: Rue des Prés-de-la-Scie 7, 1920 Martigny
Telephone: +41 848 118 000
Website: www.winbiz.ch
Email: info@winbiz.ch
Number of employees: 45
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