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Peptides in the Biotech industry

Date : mardi 13 novembre 2012
Time : 9:15 - 12:15
Locality : BioArk à Monthey


Smaller than antibodies and bigger than small chemical compounds, peptides are generating a lot of hopes in the biotech industry. There is an increasing interest by the Pharma industry in developing peptides as drugs for two main reasons. First, physicians and patients have now accepted the use of protein therapeutics as treatments and second, several development problems such as the half life and the production of the molecules have been resolved. In addition to that, there is a clear widespread of the use of peptides also in diagnostics where innovative technological platform for in vivo and in vitro diagnostics are currently being developed in Switzerland.


The Ark Innovation Day 2012 wants to discuss recent advances in the peptides technologies by welcoming several specialists in the field, coming from the academy, SMEs and industrial environments. The talks will cover topics about concrete early drug discovery projects, drug development problems, the venoms as natural sources of peptides, together with delivery and formulation issues.


Arrival of participants
Welcome and opening
M. Fernand Mariétan, Président du Conseil d'administration de Bioark SA, Monthey
Dr. Sergio Schmid, Directeur ITV HES-SO Valais et membre du comité d'engagement de The Ark
Dr. Origène Nyanguile, HES-SO Valais, ITV, Sion
Dr. Reto Stöcklin, Atheris SA, Genève
Dr. Patrick Garrouste, Debio R.P., Martigny

Coffe break
Poster-session University of Applied Sciences of Sion

Dr. Thomas Vorherr, Novartis, Bâle
Augurix Diagnostics (to be confirmed)
BioArk Award 2012
M. Bernard Mudry, Administrateur délégué, BioArk SA


Poster-session University of Applied Sciences of Sion  Networking lunch


The presentations will be held in English.
Free entrance, but you must be registered at least for the 9th of November 2012

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